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Ravi Drall and Associates has top bail lawyers in delhi filed various successful bail applications U.S: 438 Cr.PC and 439 Cr.PC in all the Delhi District Courts and Delhi High Court. BAIL is RULE, JAIL is EXCEPTION.

Three types of Bail

Anticipatory bail- Anticipatory bail is granted under section 438 of Cr.PC either by session court or High Court. An application for the grant of anticipatory bail can be filed by the person who discerns that he may be arrested by the police for a non- bailable offence.

Regular bail-A regular bail is generally granted to a person who has been arrested or is in police custody. A bail application can be filed for the regular bail under section 437 and 439 of Cr.PC.

Interim bail-This type of bail is granted for a short period of time and it is granted before the hearing for the grant of regular bail or anticipatory bail.

CRIMINAL DEFENCE & TRIAL: The prominent Practice of Ravi Drall & Associates is Criminal Law Practice. We provide complete and comprehensive legal services under criminal law from registering a criminal complaint at Police station to its assistance in to investigation, trial, collection of evidence, examination of witnesses, arrests safeguards bail, fair process of criminal trial, and the rights of the accused for a fair trial and final arguments. We provide legal protection to our client from undue harassment by the police/CBI/EOW/ED by obtaining stay order of arrest from High Courts, Bail, Anticipatory Bail, restraining orders etc. We assist our clients at every level of trial as a defense counsel.

Arrest in a criminal offence is an extremely harrowing experience. Getting the best criminal defence lawyers will not only reassure you at this difficult time, but help prepare you for a robust defence.

Our law practice provides representation to individuals suspected or charged with any criminal offence or regulatory matter from serious fraud, drugs and tax conspiracies, terrorism, homicide and international crime to general crime. We specialize in taking on demanding and challenging cases and select carefully the clients we choose to represent.

In a criminal trial judge follow the due process of law as per Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) 1973, Indian Penal Code (IPC) 1860 and Evidence Act, 1872. By referring all the relevant law court ensures accused a fair trial. The procedure for a Criminal Trial is governed by Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) 1973. Therefore, the role of a criminal lawyer is very important in order to ensure a fair trial. The Indian Evidence Act plays a very significant role in a process of trial. The detail treaty on the law of Evidence which can be tendered in a court, the way of production of the evidence in trial and the value attached to such evidence is very crucial.

We have a very mature criminal jurisprudence and a prosecution system supported by the precedents laid down by the Humble High Court and Supreme Court.

Basic Principles of Criminal Justice: • Law is to define the offence and its punishment.

• Fair investigation is the right of both the victim and the accused.

• Charge is to be clearly stated.

• No man is to be condemned unheard.

• Law must treat all equally.

• Prosecution is to stand on its own legs.

• Benefit of doubt is to go to the accused.

• Accused has the right to engage a counsel.

• Both the prosecution and the accused are to be given full opportunity of evidence.

CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS: Duty of state is to safeguard its citizens but when no action is taken then complaint can be filed before the concerned magistrate.

Advocate Ravi Drall has provided Legal assistance in filing police complaints / Registration of FIR / Criminal Complaint under the provisions of law of crime/IPC.

Advocate Ravi Drall has filed complaint U.S: 156(3) Cr.PC and had got lodged FIR’s in various state cases. And further persuaded the complaints before the magistrate U.S: 190, 200 of code of Criminal procedure 1973.


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