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Ravi Drall and Associates have got relief in Money Laundering cases were the prosecution was initiated by Enforcement Department.

• Directorate of Enforcement (ED) mainly deals in following laws.

• Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999(FEMA)

• Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA)

• ED generally investigates the violation of FEMA and also investigates cases relating to money laundering under the provision of PMLA.

Investigation as per FEMA rules

As per section 37, FEMA provides power to director and assistant director of ED to investigate for violation that may occur as per FEMA rules. These officers have power to investigate the matter and they derive their authorities under Income Tax Act (ITA). The officials of ED by invoking Income Tax Act issuea summon, search, seizure etc.Our best criminal lawyer represents clients in ED proceedings and therefore, provides legal relief.


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